"Social media should be time-consuming, hard and REALLY confusing," 


If you’re a time poor small biz owner ready to crack the social media code and FINALLY get some damn results*, you’re ABSOLUTELY in the right place. 


Social media marketing is just another ‘thing’ on your never ending to-do list. 

You KNOW it’s important, but it’s time consuming, overwhelming and impossible to stay consistent with. Posting, scheduling and coming up with new content ideas take forever, and you have no idea if any of it is even worthwhile. 

You’re overloaded with conflicting information, you don’t know who to listen to and you’re sick of implementing random ad hoc tips and tricks without results. 

Then, just when you think you’ve finally getting a handle on it - Zucks goes and changes the rules AGAIN and you’re back to square one.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You’re busy wearing all ‘o the hats :: trying to run your business, maintain a social life, drink enough water, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy [phew]. 

It’s overwhelming just THINKING about, right? 

[And meanwhile, your follower numbers haven’t budged and your efforts aren’t translating to money in the bank].

If that’s where you are now, you’re SO not alone.

But! It doesn’t need to be that way (and thank GOD for that). 

Here are 4 reasons MOST socials fall flat [and how to make sure yours don’t]::

Diving in without even a whiff of strategy.

Newsflash: HASHTAGS AREN'T THE ANSWER. Starting at the end; with random social media tactics - is a recipe for disaster. 

Simple, effective social media requires the S-word. Strategy. It's a simple plan that solidifies where you want to go, and EXACTLY how you’re going to get there. Without a roadmap, how will you know where you're headed?

It's a non-negotiable.

Lacking a killer brand in a crowded, competitive landscape.

Branding is the most important and under-estimated element in the success or failure of a businesses social media efforts. Too many GREAT businesses fail because they haven’t properly branded themselves. In the absence of any other differentiator, in a crowded market a business will always compete on price - which is a race to the bottom.

That's not where you want to be, right?  So, to succeed on social, you need to have a strong brand which is amplified consistently across your words and visual vibes.

No marketing system to turn fans into warm leads, and leads into paying clients.

Facebook and Instagram are platforms designed for hanging out with family and friends; they aren't designed for the hard sell. To get MASSIVE results [and more than simply ‘followers’], you must use these channels as part of a system that leads potential clients off social media so that you can sell to them. 

This is called a sales funnel, and it's how you sell with social. 

Without one? You're wasting your time. 

Doing #AllOfTheThings

Social media SHOULDN’T be a time suck. Spending your time trying every new social media tactic that comes your way isn’t how you win.

The top 80% of your results will always come from 20% of what you do. 

You need to know what works and what doesn’t.

You need a tried and true framework that you can follow, step-by-step, to get results. 

A former lawyer turned Social Media Marketer. 

Why do I wake up every morning? 

To educate and inspire passionate business owners to lift their social media game so that they can build a profitable business [and life!] they love. 

I know what you’re thinking, though.

The last thing the world needs is another ‘social media expert’, right? 
Good. Because that’s NOT me.

I’ve spent the past 10 years working with some of the biggest brands in Australia (think Red Bull, the Queensland Reds Super Rugby and one of Queensland’s biggest real estate brands). 

Over and over, I experienced the power of good socials and a strong content marketing strategy in completely transforming the businesses I worked with.

In 2017, I took the same tactics into the launch of my own biz :: Stevie Says Social. 

I’ve been doin’ this social media thing for a REALLY long time.

Launched on day one with a fully booked roster of ‘ideal’ clients - and a waitlist;
Amassed a laser-targeted, ‘dream client’ social media following of over 15K+ [and growing every day], 

Launched a successful top 10 iTunes Business podcast that delivers me consistent traffic, followers and leads; and

Built a successful business with a continually full pipeline of clients solely from my social media efforts. [never once have I needed to ‘pitch’ for clients or needed to sell in the traditional sense].

In less than a year, I:

don't just take my word for it. here's what other people say about Me + my work...

But here’s the thing...

I started to notice a pattern in the people coming to me for help :: they were focused on the wrong things! 

After working one on one coaching OTHER small businesses on their socials, I noticed that this sort of success was wayyyyy different to
the norm. 

Obsessing over hashtags. Posting on Facebook without any strategy in place. Lacking solid branding and wondering why their followers weren’t growing. And more. 

So, I started teaching my clients MORE than *just* the social media tactics that they were coming to me for help with. Instead, I taught the foundations for success, how to build an ENGINE behind their social media to convert their followers into paying clients, and how to proactively drive traffic to their socials. And… It WORKED!

One client grew her Instagram account by over 10,000 followers to 16,000...

Another increased leads into her coaching business ten fold...

Another booked her Pilates studio and became the go to person ‘expert’ in her space… 

I knew I HAD to share this knowledge. I had one BIG problem, though:: I was booked solid [with a waitlist!]. And besides? Not everyone could afford my 1:1 services. 

So, I decided to package the exact step-by-step system I used with clients and in my own business to give more people the same results [at a fraction of the price].


[Because, social media should be WAY easier].

The Complete Roadmap for Social Media Success Course


It’s an 8 week eCourse to build your step-by-step social media marketing system, create an EPIC social presence and get REAL results.

And best of all? There’s no confusing marketing lingo, overwhelming tech or time-wasting on unnecessary ‘filler’ tactics that don’t work. It’s social, made simple.

Course commences on Monday 7, January 2019.

I don’t regurgitate the same social media advice you’ll hear all over the

Feel 100% confident in knowing EXACTLY what you need to be doing with your socials [no more wasting time on the wrong things];

Get your hands on a simple system that saves you time and keeps you consistent;

Establish yourself and your biz as THE go to in your industry;

Build an irresistible social media presence with a steady pipeline of the RIGHT followers [you know, the ones that actually want to buy from you];

Transform your followers into customers/clients that are dying to do business with you; and

See some goddamn ROI for all of your hard work, blood, sweat and tears. 

If you’re ready to: 

...then you are SO in the right place. 

So, what actually IS it? 

It’s all laid out in a step-by-step, here’s-exactly-what-you-need-to-do framework, with each module building on the last. The framework looks a little something like this.


social media + content

social media marketing system 


The Hashtags Aren’t the Answer system is a four part framework that covers the four KEY elements you need to get right in order to succeed on Facebook and Instagram. 

Killer Social Strategy :: Developing A Simple, Sexy Roadmap to Success

‘The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it’ — Mal Pancoast

Smart guy, that Mal Pancoast [whoever he is!] Here’s the thing, though. You don’t need a 60 page page document to get on track and smash your goals. In this module, you’ll put together a one page strategy to nail your socials. Simple, effective - let’s get things done. 

Here’s a sneak peek into what we’ll cover:

Get the simple, smart social media strategy template I use in my own business!

Learn to track and measure your results (without needing a PHD in social media analytics)

Swipe my Done For You Social Media Measurement tracking template

Digital Branding :: Nailing Your Brand + Defining Your Dream Client 

Learn how to craft an irresistible brand that sets you apart on social. 

Define your dream client and get my simple hacks for learning EXACTLY who they are

Steal and customise my Dream Client Avatar worksheets 

A killer brand is essential to social media success in order to stand out against the noise. In this module, you’ll learn what it takes to craft an irresistible brand that sets you apart online. You’ll also learn how to profile your dream client and what you MUST know about them in order to succeed. 

Digital Branding :: Visual Vibes and Words

Learn to craft a cohesive and attractive visual identity for your socials + get my completely customisable Social Media Style Guide template

Learn to create quickly + easily create quote graphics, memes, Facebook cover photos and more

Learn how to prepare for a professional photo shoot, sourced curated photos + get my photo shoot brief document

Learn how to craft killer captions, social media bios and more

LOOKS MATTER. To stand out on social, you NEED to get your visual vibes sorted. In this module, you’ll learn how create drool worthy social media feeds, craft social media templates, create a bang-on brand style guide, the right tools to get it done quickly and easily, get your photography sorted with a professional shoot source the coolest curated photos for your social media platforms.

We’ll also get your WORDS sorted. You’ll develop a tone of voice, craft your social media bios and learn the trick to captivating captions. 

Setting Your Socials Up for Success :: Facebook and Instagram

Get my comprehensive Facebook and Instagram Audit checklists and how to's

Get my Social Media planner so you always know what to do when

Learn my top Facebook and Instagram algorithm busters (aka the things that actually work)

In this module, we will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts for success. We’ll talk algorithm busters, give you complete checklists for both platforms, give you my signature strategies for organic growth and engagement tricks, and I’ll hand over my 15 minute a day social media management plan. This is a complete roadmap for Instagram and Facebook domination, focusing only on the stuff that really works.

Content :: Creating Mouthwatering Content That Converts

Get my (never before taught!) social media content formula

Learn what macro and micro content is and how to use both to streamline your social media efforts

Get my fully customisable content calendar and examples to make crafting your own a breeze

Get my in depth deep dive tutorials and checklists for IGTV, Facebook Live, Stories, Blogging and More

Valuable, interesting content is the magnet that attracts your dream customers and clients to you. In this module, you will learn how to create irresistible content. You’ll learn what content you need to create and when, develop a content calendar and get the ideas and inspo you need to say ‘bye Felicia’ to drawing blanks when trying to sort out what to post. 

Funnel :: Creating Your Social Media Selling System 

Learn what a sales funnel is and why you NEED one in your business

Get simple sale funnel templates for different industries for you to easily customise and use

Learn how to set up opt in pages, thank you pages and email automation get your followers to actually buy from you

Social media comes last, not first. In this module, you’ll build the framework you need to turn your social media followers into paying customers and clients. 

Most businesses miss this step and start posting on social without it - a recipe for disaster. You’ll learn how to set up an easy path [aka a FUNNEL] to get your followers to buy from you, including simple web or landing pages, an opt-in or ‘lead magnet’ and email marketing. It’s critical to get this sorted BEFORE you ‘turn on the tap’ and start creating content and posts for your socials.

Supercharging Your Socials Part 2 :: Facebook Ads

Get an introduction to Facebook Ads beyond the ‘boost’ button

Learn how to set up two different campaigns that all businesses should be running to amplify their business

Learn how to get results without blowing the bank.

Learn the simple Facebook Ad strategies to drive more traffic to your socials. This is a basic overview which will teach you three simple step by step strategies that work. 

Supercharging Your Socials Part 1 :: Collaborations, Influencers and Competitions

Get step-by-step instructions and a checklist for running a successful influencer marketing campaign

Get step-by-step instructions, checklists and sample terms and conditions for running a killer social media competition

Get step -by-step instructions, and a checklist for running collaborations to grow your socials and business. 

You’ve got your roadmap sorted, and you’ve learnt how to slay your socials from the top down. 

Now it’s time to explode your social presence with the secret tips and tricks that have taken my socials and business to the next level. They don’t teach this stuff in other courses. Get my own personal secrets and learn how to implement them step-by-step:: Facebook ads, collaborations, competitions that actually work, influencers. It’s all covered here, with complete step by step instructions for rolling these tactics out yourself.

module 1

module 2

module 3

module 4

module 5

module 6

module 8

module 7

Get the video training, frameworks, workbooks - the LOT. Best of all? You’ll have access for a FULL YEAR, so if you want to go at your own pace, it’s all there for you. 

8 Actionable, step-by-step modules to get your socials SORTED, once and for all. 


What's Included...

Everything is explained simply, with no tech jargon or overwhelming fluff.

You’ll get access to a library of how-tos so that you know EXACTLY how to do the stuff you need to. 

2. Walk Through Video Tech tutorials

It’s designed to be a complete social media strategy for your business once filled out and completed. 

The Hashtags Aren’t The Answer Course is accompanied by an INCREDIBLY valuable 160+ page workbook.

3. the social media  workbook

Take our templates and use them yourself - from design templates, to email copy, to funnel set up, to automations [say whaaaat? Don’t worry, we’ll explain all ‘o the tech stuff inside simply and easily] and more. Serious value here. 

Plug n’ play templates, swipe files, cheat sheets and more - we’re literally doing the hard work for you. 

4. the template suite

Weekly (group) lives with me for support throughout the 8 week course. Ask questions, get guidance. 

5. Weekly Q&A Support Calls


You'll have access to a private community forum connect, collaborate and work together with other course participants. 

6. VIP Private Members COMMUNITY FORUM


So, you in?

Stop spinning your wheels and focusing on the wrong things. Get the best step-by-step social media system for success on the goddamn planet. 

Good things come to those that take action. 


8 Modules of Video Trainings

Hashtags Aren’t The Answer Framework for Social Media Success

160 page Course Workbook

Done-For-You templates and swipe files

weekly q+a calls (8 weeks)

community forum (8 weeks)

BONUS - personalised 1:1 coaching - 8 weeks access (EXTENDED)





Want to market your business and get customers and clients using social media, and/or you have a business that you want to market online.

Your Facebook + Instagram channels are already set up and you know the basics, but you’re overwhelmed and just not getting the results you want.

You want someone to ‘join the dots’ for you so you can quit wasting your time implementing random tactics that don’t work. 

You like the sound of having a SYSTEM in place that delivers you traffic, leads and business from your socials on auto-pilot. 

You want to DIY your socials with confidence.. OR you’re thinking of outsourcing your socials and want to make sure that you understand enough to ensure that you’re not getting #fleeced. 

You’re sick of trying random tactics and you just want a system that works. 

this course is for you if...

this course will not...

Give you an easy ride. It makes social simple, but you will still need to do the work. 

Be a quick fix. A SOLID social media and content marketing strategy means playing the long game. There’ll be plenty of #QuickWins, but BIG, sustainable and long term results come when you commit to doing this for the long haul with consistent, focused effort.  [The best part, though? That once your roadmap is set up, it’s simply a matter of rolling it out consistently]. 

Teach platforms other than Facebook and Instagram. All of the principles are TIMELESS and are designed to get your socials sorted from the TOP DOWN. This course specifically dives into Facebook and Instagram tactics, but the principles and strategies in modules 1 - 6 can be applied to all platforms. 

don't just take my word for it. here's what other people say about Me + my work...

personalised 1:1 SOCIAL MEDIA + DIGITAL coaching with Stevie in a private forum for 8 weeks


Access personal coaching with me for your business. We will work 1:1 together - you will have a direct line to me for help, guidance, strategy and more.

This bonus has been extended. When it disappears from this page, it is no longer available.


So, you in?

Stop spinning your wheels and focusing on the wrong things. Get the best step-by-step social media system for success on the god-damn planet. 

Good things come to those that take action. 

8 Modules of Video Trainings

Hashtags Aren’t The Answer Framework for Social Media Success

160 page Course Workbook

Done-For-You templates and swipe files

weekly q+a calls (8 weeks)

community forum (8 weeks)



EARLY BIRD BONUS - personalised 1:1 coaching - 8 weeks access (DEADLINE EXTENDED)




"Stevie is THE holy grail of social media advice!

Learning about social media advice was so important to me, and I jumped at the opportunity to learn from Stevie after listening to her AMAZING podcast. We came up with a complete marketing plan, it has changed my whole business and it’s one of the big reasons that my business has moved forward so much in the last six months. Working with her really joined the dots for me.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Stevie enough! If you aren’t working with her, you are missing out on amazing information."

Joanne Eleanor — Calligrapher, Calligraphy En Vogue

"Working with Stevie consisted of learning the in and outs of Facebook advertising by actually creating them together. I found this much more helpful than reading a guide on google. She showed me how to create ads that would be most appropriate for my business and the type of audience I wanted to reach. 

She also helped me come up with a social media strategy to help set me apart from others in my industry and to drive real business and clients for the studio through social. As a result, I now have consistent enquiries and new clients coming through the door."

Alex Richardson — duo pilates

"I started following Stevie on instagram and could not stop reading her captions! They were completely captivating and I felt like she was talking straight to me! So within a week, I had Stevie helping me out with copywriting and finding my voice to speak to our audience in an authentic way. 

Fast forward 6 months and Tribe Skincare's instagram has completely exploded. We now have 16K+ well targeted followers who engage with the brand and most importantly are buying from us!"

Kayla Houlihan — Tribe Skincare

"Stevie helped us on two fronts, firstly she helped us to execute a product launch and more specifically she executed a Facebook Advertising Campaign to support this launch. 

Stevie helped us to warm up an audience with one of our blog posts and from that we learnt the value of selling to a warm audience who’ve already had a few touch points with our brand. 

We have no hesitation in recommending Stevie. She’s not only incredibly savvy and smart (and a good egg) but she cuts to the chase, which you would know if you’ve listened to her podcasts."

Jacqui & Helen
— Two Girls and a Laptop


Which social platforms does this course cover? 
Hashtags Aren’t The Answer covers Facebook and Instagram.

I don’t have time and there’s already too much work on my plate, is this course for me?
Once your social media marketing system is all set up, you’re going to have MORE time. You won’t be stressing about what to post and when, spending an hour on a single Instagram or Facebook caption or wondering how to make sales from all of your hard work. All of the stress and overwhelm that you were putting into trying to get your socials to work, you can start putting into what you do best. 

As far as the course goes, it’s intended to be self-paced. You can follow week by week with the suggested timeline commencing on 7 January. 

Alternatively, you can go at your own pace, implement as you learn and listen [and re-listen!] as many times as you need. Remember, you have full access to the course materials for a whole year!

Tech is not my jam. 
No problem, this course will suit even if computers scare the livin’ bejeezus out of you. You’ll get all of the tutorials and templates you need to implement the stuff you need to without feeling overwhelmed.

I’m a [insert business here], will this course work for ME? 
This course is for ANYONE that is looking to market their business online using social media. Whether you are service based, product based, bricks and mortar - whatever - if you want followers and sales for your business and you want to use social media to get them, the course will work for you.

Is this a beginners course?
No. This course is designed for those who already have a Facebook and/or Instagram account, and they are ready to see better results. 

Why are you charging in US dollars? 
A large percentage of my audience is in the US, and it is an internationally recognised currency. For Australians, please note that the price of the course was set at a rate that accounts for the difference in currency. 

How is the content actually delivered? 
Everyone learns differently, and so there’s a few different ways you can complete the course. There’s video slideshows for those who want the full experience, audio MP3’s if you prefer to listen on the run and workbooks if reading is more your thing. Not to mention all of the workbooks, cheat sheets, swipe files and done for you templates you need to GET THINGS DONE.

I’ve bought other social media courses and I’ve been let down? How is this one any different?
This is a full social media roadmap, from the top down. 
The BIGGEST mistake that I see businesses make is that they start out on social by posting on Facebook/Instagram, and obsessing over random tactics [hello, hashtags] without having their foundations set up for success. This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know from the top down [and none of the useless stuff you don’t]. It will give you a FULL system for actually getting results - followers AND business - from your social media efforts. 

How much time do I need to commit to this thing? 
To complete this within the 8 weeks, you’re going to need to set aside 3 - 4 hours a week. This will give you time to watch the video modules, complete the workbooks and implement. You can choose to follow the course each week, or do it in your own time. 

I haven’t launched my biz yet. Is this course for me? 
YES.  In fact, now is the perfect time to get your foundations right and get yourself set up PROPERLY. Quick story - my business launched with a fully booked roster of clients and more work than I knew what to do with JUST by implementing the stuff I teach in this very course. 

When does the course commence?
The course officially kicks off on Monday, 8 January, but for those who want a head start the first three modules will be ready and waiting for you when you purchase! All remaining modules will be unlocked on 8 January 2019. 

I have another question not listed here? 
Write to us at stevie@steviesayssocial.com and we will get back to you quickly!

You’ll finish the 8 weeks with:

A full Social Media Strategy done and dusted - this is is your personal roadmap to success (no more fumbling around in the dark!);

Your socials set up the RIGHT way; 

A content plan for your business - no more wondering ‘what to post’;

A marketing system for turning followers into sales including a landing Page, lead magnet and email autoresponders [don’t know what they are? Don’t worry - I’ll walk you through this step by step];

A Simple Social Media System for your business that actually WORKS. Full stop.  

So, you in?

Stop spinning your wheels and focusing on the wrong things. Get the best step-by-step social media system for success on the goddamn planet. 

Good things come to those that take action. 

8 Modules of Video Trainings

Hashtags Aren’t The Answer Framework for Social Media Success (12 MONTHS ACCESS)

160 page Course Workbook

Done-For-You templates and swipe files

WEEKLY Q+A CALLS (8 weeks)

COMMUNITY FORUM (8 weeks access)



BONUS - personalised 1:1 coaching - 8 weeks access (DEADLINE EXTENDED)




Happiness Guarantee

This course is for serious and committed students. If you put in the work, implement what you learn and it’s not for you, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee from your date of purchase. [View full details here].

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

need help or have questions?

Send me an email here!